Black and white portrait of a woman bathed in beautiful side light.

Terry J Cyr Photography is a full service Portrait Studio, located in the heart of Missoula Montana.  I am a photographic artist obsessed with light and the ways in which it illuminates the human condition.  Light is at the core of how we perceive our world and view our existence. It is continuously changing and evolving and helps me recognize the immediacy of how rich my life has become. I pay great attention to light whether I am working outdoors or in the highly controlled confines of my studio.  Light is sculptural in every way and defines the social and psychological world in which I live.  I use photography to follow the movement of that journey. By definition, photo-graphy means to create a graphic element of or with light; therefore I have always perceived and approached it as a process of painting with light. 

I have been in business photographing the greater Missoula area residents for the past 15 years.  I take a personal approach of getting to know my subjects before photographing them.  I have always believed photography and the creation of portraits is a collaboration between me and my subjects.  The better we become acquainted before the photographic shoot the closer we will get to discovering your true essence for the final images.